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Understanding GPU Rendering in Adobe AIR for Mobile

Figure 03. The example file movingClipsTest.fla demonstrates an example of simple vectors being moved around the stage with comparable performance to bitmaps.

By properly leveraging GPU rendering, you can effectively increase the performance of your Flash games and AIR applications, achieving higher frame rates than you would using CPU render mode. This article will teach you two methods to convert your graphics into GPU optimized bitmaps and explain key differences you will experience when publishing your application in GPU mode that are not explicitly covered in Adobe’s … Continue reading

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Announcing Indie Flash Blog!

Ross Przybylski

I am Ross Przybylski, veteran Adobe Flash developer and aspiring indie game designer. Last February, I attended the Mochi Flash Gaming Summit, a one day conference dedicated to bringing together leaders of the flash gaming industry. I learned a valuable lesson: success isn’t defined by the ingenious games we painstakingly dedicate ourselves to create, but rather the talent we as individuals contribute to the community. … Continue reading

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