Aura Multiscreen Components

Adobe Flash Professional is an amazing tool for developing multiscreen games and applications. I’m developing a new suite of UI components to help make the process of creating multiscreen compatible user interfaces even easier called Aura. These components adapt themselves automatically to function effectively for both desktop computers and mobile touchscreens.

This video demonstrates the components in action from within the Flash Professional IDE:

Features of Aura Multiscreen Components

Adaptive User Input

The interactive user input of the components adapts automatically to the best method for the device the application runs on. Systems with traditional mouse cursors will use familiar scroll bars, while touch-capable devices will use gestures and acceleration to control scrolling. The combo box component will even account for multiple displays (such as those found on Sony dual screen tablets) so that the list is positioned correctly,.

Easy to Skin and Use with Existing Projects

Aura components are drawn entirely via code and are added to applications as compiled SWF’s directly within your FLA library. All critical facets of skinning the components (mouse states, cell colors, fonts, sizes, styles, margins, and so forth) can be edited directly from the standard Flash Component Inspector. Components can be individually skinned or setup to use global skinning by simply marking a check box!

Performance and Resource Savy

List cells are rendered as bitmap textures that are both exceptionally fast performing on mobile GPU’s and use minimal memory by sharing BitmapData. The list component leverages an advanced cell renderer recycler and invalidation methods to ensure minimal resources are used when generating the list (even in large lists of 10K plus cells).

Game Development

This video demonstrates the AURA multiscreen components in the context of an actual game and shows how they adapt depending on publish settings:


Users are welcome to download a preview of the upcoming Aura Components. The zip file contains two FLA examples including the file discussed in the video and an Aura list setup to mimic an Android scroll menu.

About Ross Przybylski

Ross Przybylski is a game designer, Flash developer, and technical consultant. He is the founder of D20Studios, LLC and the creator of Hero Mages, a cross-platform, multiplayer strategy game. He is also the Director of Flash Development for Reflection Software, an innovative eLearning services provider company. You can learn more about Ross on his website and follow him on Twitter @RossD20Studios.
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9 Responses to Aura Multiscreen Components

  1. Ross Przybylski says:

    Do you have need for mobile UI components in your Flash projects? Would you like to see an enhanced component suite like this in Flash Professional? Please share your comments 🙂

    • Omi says:

      I am interested in mobile UI components build upon Adobe Flash / Scaleform. I would like the components to be generic so that they can be utilized in gaming as well as non gaming applications. Please contact me if you have prototype/demo.

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  3. ETahoon says:

    Marvelous list this is the most advanced touch list i have ever seen kindly please if u could upload it as classes so i can use it in my project again this is the most advanced List I’v Ever Seen Impressive Work

  4. Matt says:

    Definitely interested in these components. Awesome how the touchlist will work seamlessly when used with mouse. I will download and try them out.