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Ross Przybylski is a game designer, Flash developer, and technical consultant. He is the founder of D20Studios, LLC and the creator of Hero Mages, a cross-platform, multiplayer strategy game. He is also the Director of Flash Development for Reflection Software, an innovative eLearning services provider company. You can learn more about Ross on his website and follow him on Twitter @RossD20Studios.

The Future of Flash: Premium Features

The Future of Flash tour hit Chicago last night so I had the chance to connect with Lee Brimelow and Mike Chambers, and Chicago’s Adobe User Group. It was an excellent and informative presentation about the roadmap for the Flash runtime that touched on Adobe’s definitive white paper resource located here: The biggest concern from Adobe users at the session was undoubtedly the new … Continue reading

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How to Create an Asynchronous Multiplayer Game Part 2: Saving the Game State to Online Database


Asynchronous multiplayer games allow two or more people to play together without the need to be participating in the session at the same time. A key component of supporting asynchronous gameplay is saving the game state to an online database so that it can be retrieved by you and your opponents when it’s time to take the next turn. This article will explain how I … Continue reading

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How to Create an Asynchronous Multiplayer Game

Hero Academy Game Play

There’s no doubting the fact that “asynchronous” multiplayer gameplay, or the ability to play games one turn per session over the course of several days, is the new hot trend in mobile gaming. Many of the top multiplayer games are asynchronous, including the popular Words with Friends (a one-move-at-a-time implementation of Scrabble) and Draw Something (a unique take on Pictionary that was recently bought by … Continue reading

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How to Become Your Own Game Developer with Adobe Flash


In 2006, I conceived the idea for a unique strategy board game that combined elements of role playing games, table top war games, and collectible card games. My dream: to become a game designer and have this product published for the world to enjoy. The task seemed near impossible at the onset: how does an individual with no experience in the gaming industry become a … Continue reading

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All Systems Back Online

Life Monitor

It’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly a year since my last post. I started this blog to share knowledge with the community at large, not realizing at the time just how busy I’d be mastering mobile development, successfully launching a cross-platform multiplayer game on every major app store, and growing my new company. I haven’t forgotten about this blog, depsite my time of … Continue reading

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Understanding GPU Rendering in Adobe AIR for Mobile

Figure 03. The example file movingClipsTest.fla demonstrates an example of simple vectors being moved around the stage with comparable performance to bitmaps.

By properly leveraging GPU rendering, you can effectively increase the performance of your Flash games and AIR applications, achieving higher frame rates than you would using CPU render mode. This article will teach you two methods to convert your graphics into GPU optimized bitmaps and explain key differences you will experience when publishing your application in GPU mode that are not explicitly covered in Adobe’s … Continue reading

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Announcing Indie Flash Blog!

Ross Przybylski

I am Ross Przybylski, veteran Adobe Flash developer and aspiring indie game designer. Last February, I attended the Mochi Flash Gaming Summit, a one day conference dedicated to bringing together leaders of the flash gaming industry. I learned a valuable lesson: success isn’t defined by the ingenious games we painstakingly dedicate ourselves to create, but rather the talent we as individuals contribute to the community. … Continue reading

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