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Test Post


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Adobe Game Jam!

If the latest advances in Flash player and Adobe AIR…Stage 3D, Starling, Feathers, direct deploy to iOS, and more haven’t yet convinced you of Adobe’s commitment to empowering game developers, then it’s time to put these tools and your skills to the test at Adobe Game Jam! If you’re in or around the Chicago area, their next event takes place in just a couple weeks … Continue reading

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All Systems Back Online

Life Monitor

It’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly a year since my last post. I started this blog to share knowledge with the community at large, not realizing at the time just how busy I’d be mastering mobile development, successfully launching a cross-platform multiplayer game on every major app store, and growing my new company. I haven’t forgotten about this blog, depsite my time of … Continue reading

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Announcing Indie Flash Blog!

Ross Przybylski

I am Ross Przybylski, veteran Adobe Flash developer and aspiring indie game designer. Last February, I attended the Mochi Flash Gaming Summit, a one day conference dedicated to bringing together leaders of the flash gaming industry. I learned a valuable lesson: success isn’t defined by the ingenious games we painstakingly dedicate ourselves to create, but rather the talent we as individuals contribute to the community. … Continue reading

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