How to Become a Successful Game Developer with Adobe Flash

With the advent of mobile app stores, there is more potential than ever for independent game developers to arise and become the next generation of game innovators. But how can small or even one-man teams possibly manage the technical complexities of developing on so many diverse platforms? Enter Adobe Flash, a visual development tool with the capability to export games to web, Android, and iOS.

Ross Przybylski, creator of Hero Mages, will share how he developed a successful cross-platform, multiplayer game and overcame the challenges of building a game engine, programming artificial intelligence, and designing a multiscreen interface using Flash.

This presentation was given for the Chicago Adobe User Group at Advent Learning on Michigan Ave on 6/18/2012

About Ross Przybylski

Ross Przybylski is a game designer, Flash developer, and technical consultant. He is the founder of D20Studios, LLC and the creator of Hero Mages, a cross-platform, multiplayer strategy game. He is also the Director of Flash Development for Reflection Software, an innovative eLearning services provider company. You can learn more about Ross on his website and follow him on Twitter @RossD20Studios.
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5 Responses to How to Become a Successful Game Developer with Adobe Flash

  1. miniclip says:

    nice tutorial video.

  2. Flash Games says:

    i have always wanted to build a flash game nice tutorial

  3. Peter Thompson says:

    designed and built a game that I thought was really good (i enjoyed it!). But I found it didn’t get a lot of traction, and couldn’t understand – until I came across a youtube video showing someone playing the game, and I could tell that they really didn’t know what they were doing. It was harder than I thought to learn (obviously) I HAVE a tutorial, but it is something you have to click through. Nobody wants a “lesson”, and so I’ve learned the importance of introducing the game concepts as part of the game! So the game is out for a while, and maybe (just maybe) the learning curve is a little steeper than normal…. So the question is – Should I go back and add that basic intro that shows you how to play the game, or is it too late since it has been launched for a long time? the game is dentedSkies and is available on my own game portal at Feedback welcome!

  4. Anthony says:

    A bit late commenting on this as I know the post is pretty old, but I did enjoy reading this and of course the video. I mainly develop Flash educational games, but found this very interesting to read and watch. Not visited here before, but have booked marked it to come back and check on any new updates. All the best, Anthony.

  5. Friv 3 says:

    I look at this video and realize that what he shared with us very useful. I realized a few knowledge of flash games