How to Start Your Own Game Company

D20Studios founder Ross Przybylski does a classroom lecture for North Central College explaining how to start your own game company. In this lecture, Ross explains how to make the transition from game design hobbyist to business professional, how to fund a gaming project, the costs of operating a game studio, and how running your own business affects your personal relationships.

About Ross Przybylski

Ross Przybylski is a game designer, Flash developer, and technical consultant. He is the founder of D20Studios, LLC and the creator of Hero Mages, a cross-platform, multiplayer strategy game. He is also the Director of Flash Development for Reflection Software, an innovative eLearning services provider company. You can learn more about Ross on his website and follow him on Twitter @RossD20Studios.
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3 Responses to How to Start Your Own Game Company

  1. Fun Games says:

    Thanks for the video for describing how to start your own game company. I have a question after watching it. Can you go over the pros and cons of starting your own game company vs joining an already established game company?

  2. Nanodino says:

    Nice to see that young people are interested in how to create/manage their own game company still this is somehow the basics… pretty decent for one hour. Would have been more interesting to see a real game company organogram with some job descriptions related to that organogram, at least. And some insight regarding wages in the industry or types of technology used atm in creating games… Still good enough for a first timer, thanks for the video.

  3. Friv 2 says:

    I found it interesting when he talked about how to open a game project. I think I will do as he has shared